Cheap Travel Insurance For People With Ailments


Find the right travel insurance covering ailments can be daunting if you don’t find a specialist that can provide an expert to help you.

Most travel insurance companies are set up to handle so called “standard” enquiries where there are no ailments, so you do need to research carefully to find competitive travel insurance for ailments.

A lot of people worry that having various ailments means they may not be able to find affordable travel insurance, however many are surprised to find this isn’t actually the case.

By using a travel insurance comparison service, you will be able to find affordable cover, specifically designed to cover your ailments, be it diabetes, asthma or heart related ailments such as angina.

Provided your doctor has confirmed that your ailments will not prevent you from travelling, you should be able to find a policy suitable without breaking the bank..

The most common ailments we encounter are:
• High or Controlled Blood Pressure
• Diabetes
• Asthma
• Arthritis
• Heart related ailments (such as angina, irregular heartbeats and valve disease)
• Crohns Disease
• Osteoporosis

It is important to declare to the insurer all diagnosed ailments as failure to do so could mean you may be unable to make a claim under your travel insurance for any medical treatment you need whilst you are on holiday.

This could also affect whether you are able to make a claim under the cancellation options should you fall ill before the holiday starts due to undisclosed ailments.

General unrepeated ailments such as the common cold and hay fever need not be declared. If you are unclear about what is and is not required during the application then ring the customer services team to check.